I walk a group of up to six well-socialised dogs twice per day from Monday to Friday. Most dogs enjoy the interaction with other dogs and get more exercise by playing together as well as building socialisation skills and confidence with other dogs.

I transport the dogs in my specially adapted van, in which I have 5 spaces. Newcomers to the pack have their own space until they are more established, when they usually choose to share with a friend. I use washable rubber backed matts in each space to prevent the dogs sliding around and to keep them comfortable and stress-free.

Dogs are walked for a full hour, mainly off lead, in areas safely away from roads at Roundhay Park, Meanwood Park, Adel Woods and occasionally other areas. I try to walk a different circular walk each walk throughout the week to keep walks interesting.

Potential “distractions” will be discussed with the owner at assessment and individual dogs may be put on lead to avoid chasing ducks, picnics, ball games etc.

After the walk I return each dog home toweled dry and hopefully tired, happy and relaxed.

I am happy to feed/treat dogs after the walk if required and to provide feedback about the dog/walk by text, email, phone or note.

Dog walking can be provided on a routine or occasional basis (space permitting) in Chapel Allerton and the surrounding areas including Roundhay, Moortown, Oakwood, Meanwood and Alwoodley (LS7, LS8, LS6 & LS17).

Please enquire for availability and prices.